RIP Catherine Betta-Jones

Today, freshwater ecosystems across the globe are reeling from the loss of one of their own. At 5PM GMT, the news broke that Catherine Betta-Jones had died peacefully in her coin jar surrounded by close family and algae. Born to humble beginnings near the banks of the Chao...
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Smoke & Mirrors ( Guest Blogger)

McArthurParks was lucky enough to guest-blog on Thanks Ladies! Another September is almost in the books, the aftermath of new locker combinations, emergency contact forms and hand-slaps from Sister-Mary-One-Thumb are but misty-gin-colored memories in the bottom of my “morning coffee.” Thank God! As a favor to the...
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Chad Lowe, Lipstick Lesbians and a Do Rag!

Not sure if it’s possible for me to be anymore excited than I am for the upcoming 2nd half/Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family). Although this year I’ll miss what’s become my favorite episode – Halloween!  Looks like it’s off the books for this year.  It was a pretty...
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Select-a-size? No, Thank You

I had a huge crush on the Brawny guy growing up. I suppose “had” isn’t completely honest, but I’m working on it, and well, it’s not cheap. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about the NEW Brawny guy…he’s a dick. What’s with the high cheek-bones and...
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Acting Out – Age Inappropriate Behavior

As sad as I was to see Breaking Bad leave us,  it’s nice that Netflix lets me visit the Whites for an occasional weekend binge-fest.  Despite all the reasons I wanted it to continue for another season(s), I get some relief knowing I won’t have to watch rapidly...
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The Fisters. Ahem, The Fosters…Pilot Episode

ABC Family's The Fosters
With Mad Men on hiatus for the summer, Bates Motel wrapped for Season 2 and the World’s Next Drag Superstar recently crowned on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’m clambering for some new binge-worthy, Netflixy stimuli (bonus for adolescent angst).  On a recommendation from the #delitwins, I’ve decided to check...
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Put the PJs Away – Your Country is Calling!

  That’s it, I’ve had it. I can’t look at one more person wearing pajamas in public as if it’s okay. It’s not okay! I get it, there’s a gray area for everything. You just have to hit the drive-thru at CVS? That’s cool. PJ’s allowed. Gotta get...
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Rabbit Rabbit – What the Hell is It?

Why do so many people say “Rabbit Rabbit” on the first day of every month. Well, we were curious too, and did a little digging. Usually we head over to the Urban Dictionary when we need to find out about Blumpkins, Hot Carls or say something like a...
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Monday Night Cafeteria Menu

Dinner – Monday Night, September 30, 2013 Salisbury Steak Roasted Potatoes Southern Buttermilk Biscuits Frozen French Cut Green Beans I love my cafeteria-style food, and while I was making this, I watched Seinfeld, Will & Grace and The Daily Show.  Of course, if I had the TV off...
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Strip Search

Aging reminds me that my own level of happiness is directly proportionate to my level of gratitude for all the great things in my life. It’s too easy for me to get pulled into my own cynical spiraling thought suck.  So, when asked to take a 2-day trip...
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2nd Class Citizen – Sky Blog – Part1

Typically, this much flying in one day would eat up the whole day, but since I’m flying west, I’ll still have enough time for an afternoon meeting.  Growl. Itinerary, BOS to LAS, VIA LAX = 8 hours flight, 3 hours airport time.  I have 3 mobile devices plus...
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Easter Egg Cunt

Dear whore from the magazine who convinced me that I should make “EASySTER” chocolate bowls using balloons and melted chocolate. I can’t seem to find the picture of you on your hands and knees cleaning up the post apocalyptic chocolate explosions that have put me into holiday PTSD....
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Running Scared (with no ashtrays in sight)

I decided not to hit Snooze this AM so I could get in an extra cigarette before my introduction to the Honey Badger Running Club down in Plymouth at 6:30. That turned out be a good idea because I had time to map out my drive to ensure I wouldn’t be...
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